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Poetry Reading Series and Open Mic runs monthly
October - April, third Thursdays, 7:00 P.M.


Held at the P. Faith McMahon Wintonbury Library

1015 Blue Hills Ave, Bloomfield, CT


Spark your creativity, make connections, and share the
gift of poetry! We offer readings by notable poets and a
warm, supportive atmosphere for sharing your own work!



"Poet Laureate of Simsbury"
Thursday, April 17, 7:00 PM



Featuring Rennie McQuilkin

Rennie McQuilkin, our special guest for National Poetry Month, is author of eleven poetry collections. He has received many prestigious awards, including an NEA fellowship, five Connecticut state artist fellowships, and the Center for the Book’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Poetry Workshops
with John Surowiecki

Thursday, May 15 and 22, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Workshops will be held at McMahon Wintonbury Library

It’s Alive! Breathing New Life into Your Poems

How can you gain (or renew) confidence in your poetry, enough to submit to journals with regularity and success?

Come and learn to think critically as well as creatively. That is, be your own best editor and breathe new life into your poems by looking at them objectively, as an editor would.

So bring in a poem to read aloud—and 12 copies to share with the class. John will also provide you with a choice of cool writing prompts to create new work.

John Surowiecki is an award-winning poet who teaches at Manchester Community College He is the author of four books of poetry and six chapbooks.  His work has appeared in numerous magazines. His many prizes include the Poetry Foundation’s Pegasus Award for verse drama  and a Sunken Garden Poetry Festival National Competition award.

Beginners Welcome!  Class Limit: 12

Please register for either one, or both, classes.

McMahon Wintonbury Library

1015 Blue Hills Avenue

Bloomfield, CT 06002

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Poetry Sharing Page

Submissions for our Poetry Sharing Page will be reviewed for posting by Marilyn Johnston, coordinator of the Wintonbury Poetry & Open MIC program.


Postings will not appear immediately. Submissions can be received by Marilyn via CD or floppy, or by sending an e-mail to: Submit up to 3 one-page poems for consideration.



Slowly sinking clouds
Uneasy stillness
The feet of others quicken
Umbrella left behind
Air like a pregnant charm
White shirt, red tie, blue suit
The day’s meetings finished
Serendipity’s portal ajar
Drops like spears pierce the unsuspecting
The whimper of defense
The roar of immersion
Stress unravels
Pants are rolled up
Barefoot toes playfully wiggle
Walking, then twirling, then dancing
Puddle splashing
Unleashed, with Nature
Rippling laughter

- by John P. Kneal

(posted 12-27-13)


Ball of Confusion
By Bev George

“Ball of Confusion
that’s what the world is today”

So sang The Temptations in 1970
The lyrics to their song included a list of problems that were tearing apart

The United States

“Segregation, determination, demonstration,
Integration, aggravation,

“Humiliation, obligation to our nation”

Air pollution, revolution, gun control”
Ball of Confusion
that’s what the world is today”

Fast forward to present day
Syria threat to the United States
"Ball of confusion...
Navy Yard shooting
"Ball of confusion...
Terror in Mall in Kenya.
"Ball of confusion...
Government shutdown
In the best country in the world!
"Ball of confusion...
It begs the question
Is our world still
A "ball of confusion"?

   (posted 10-14-13)

Pope Francis is breaking all the rules!

By Bev George

They say that Pope Francis
Is breaking all the rules.
Because HE
Opted to live a normal life'

They say that Pope Francis
Is breaking all the rules.
Because HE
Opens our eyes and make us aware of our insensitivity to the
waste and disposal of food...........

They say that Pope Francis
Is breaking all the rules.
Because HE
Addresses the faithful bare-headed in torrential rain!

They say that Pope Francis
Is breaking all the rules
Because HE
Choose to ride in an open-air vehicle in Brazil!
Why can’t they see that Pope Francis is breaking all the rules
because he is the real deal?

(posted 9/5/13)


It’s so cool to be connected, but…

by Bev George

It’s so cool to be connected.
Are we protected?
The Internet is so amazing!
Google! Yahoo! Bing!
They allow us to search
And find whatever we desire
But, conversely, they also follow us around
Even after we sign off.

 It's so cool to be connected.
Our iPhones and cell phones!
It seems we can't
live without them!
But is our phone carrier tracking us
As we speak?
It begs the question
Are we protected?

(posted 7/22/13)


Mommy, I wish you had worn it BEFORE CHRISTMAS!
By Bev George

A new blue sweater
still in its box
it would have looked beautiful on you!
Mommy, I wish you had worn it

A lovely scarf
Blue and white
Never been worn!!
Mommy, I wish you had worn it

A perfume set
Your favorite fragrance!!!
Unopened- Still in its box
OH, Mommy, how I wish you had used it

(posted 6/4/13)


The Bloomfield Poetry Circle
M. Renee Taylor

‘Twas supposed to be just a one shot deal.

Share my tribute poem, and away I’d steal.

But two dozen disparate folk,

Quietly attended the words of not one but two poems I spoke.


Unaccustomed to public speaking,

I felt safe revealing my feelings in their caretaking.

Their eyes reacted to my verbal images,

Affirming heads nodded at phrases placed to advantage.


Then they charmed me with their emotions and imagination,

Tossing their poems’ honest words and phrases with abandon.

A rare safe haven for an extraordinary everyday population,

Whose courage rises to the needs of a poetic avocation.


They’ve already had a good effect on me,

For another poem from my mind is suddenly set free!



(posted 2/27/13)


The Enchanted Garden

by M. Renee Taylor


By day she tends the enchanted garden,

As his spirit hovers near,

And once again her heart knows peace and love,

Instead of weariness or tears.


Wind and sun upon her face,

Working in the rhythm of this place,

She creates this prayerful space,

A bridge for eternity to trace.


To heal herself and honor his life,

She inspires rich colors in stately roses to bloom,

And plans even more, hoping there's room,

Far from the outside world's strife.


Birds and butterflies and bees gently pass her by.

Neighbors, that life with her do share this precious home,

That love has built, where time stands still,

From which she gains her strength and so shall ne’re long roam.


As she nightly passes out her garden gate,

His lamppost's warm glow,

Falls softly on the roses below,

A beacon and a symbol of their time together, a memento.


(posted 1/25/13)


Hungry to Hear

Fill me with the image
of my strong and sturdy father,
wrap me in the deep tones 
of your stories, swaddle me
in recollections, the fragments
of your life.  Piece me together.
I am hungry for your stories.
Let them grow golden-winged
in me.

- Kathryn Kelly
(a Riverwood poet featured in our series January 17, 2013)

(posted 12/14/12)




by Nancee Cheffet


I love the cozy feeling as the night we two

mellow with the later hours.

I feel open, caring, nicely in tune

with another human being.

But in other times, perhaps more rare ones,

I have opportunity to enjoy exploration

of the many other facets of my persona.

The lover of other than my favorite humans,

sprinkled here and there...

The swinger who writes some of her best verses,

while good jazz bounces off the familiar walls.


(posted 8/28/12)


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